Virtual Reality


Are you ready to test drive the Oculus Quest?  If you have never tried the Virtual Reality headset, Elixir is great way to start!  As an apprentice, you’ll teleport with hand tracking in this magical VR game. Help collect the flying eyeballs and transform your hands into squishy tentacles.

Also available, Beat Saber!  Use light sabers to slash blocks flying at you to the driving beat of techno music.  Feel the music in this fast-paced VR game.  Compete against others or just try to improve your own personal record.

New for May, Echo VR.  Experience the freedom of zero-g movement and high energy competition in Echo VR!

Must be at least 10 years or older to try it.  Call now (614) 837-4765 ext. 112  or email Paula at pmaier@wagnalls.org to make an appointment.

Available timeslots:

Thursday April 29

Thursday May 6

Saturday May 8

Thursday May 13

Thursday May 20

Thursday May 27

As per proper COVID-19 protocol, we will use disposable hygiene liners for the headset and wipe all outer surfaces after each use.