Each month we will feature a different local author and all read the same book by that author. Then the author will attend our book club meeting to discuss his or her book! You can ask questions of the author, get your book signed and have the opportunity to buy more books by that author. These books will be given to you for free to read, since there usually are not enough copies in the library to check out. But you must register in the library or by filling out the Google form below. We meet the second Tuesday of each month.

Our next meeting is Tuesday December 14 at 6:30pm. We will be discussing the book CRISPR with author Lincoln Cole.

Kate Allison and Lyle Goldman are corporate mercenaries. They work for high paying clients to handle the messy work corporations would rather keep out of the public eye. After a stretch of bad jobs, they finally get a lucky break:

It is the easiest job they've had in months: a simple object recovery mission with payment that is almost too good to be true. About time the get an easy payday, right?


Things go sideways almost immediately and they find themselves fighting to stay one step ahead of the company chasing them. They are hunted, betrayed, and protecting one of the most important assets they've ever come into contact with. The truth they uncover represents not only a billion dollar investment for the company, but the key to a dangerous genetic future for humanity.

If you have any questions or would like to be a featured author yourself, please contact Sarah at smayzum@wagnalls.org